Argan Oil benefits that you have never heard before

The New York Times called argan oil “liquid gold,” with proven benefits and an amazing smell its no wonder why it’s a massive hit throughout the world.
It’s created from the kernels of the nuts of the argan tree. The tree called “the tree of life” by Moroccans is uniquely exclusive to the region.
The scientist named this region the “Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve.”
The region is protected by UNESCO and is considered to be one of the purest oils in the world.
What’s even more surprising is that local Berber women work in cooperatives and control the argan oil industry.
These cooperatives share profits among the local Berber tribes, aiding in health care, education, and the creation of jobs.
The profits from the argan oil industry have also been invested in establishing ecosystem reforestation, ensuring that supply won’t run out.
The reforestation also hopes to ensure an evergreen process in which argan oil cultivation can withstand the test of time.
The argan oil industry in Morocco produces for over 10% of the Moroccan population, helping sustain the lives of 3.5 million people.
Argan oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E; it also packs antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, and linoleic acid.
There are 2 ways to use argan oil, cosmetic usage and culinary usage. Whether you use it to cook or use it for cosmetic purposes, it has many benefits.
Argan’s oil-rich unsaturated fatty acids contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which all Doctors recommend should be 30% of your diet.
The reason being is that it comes from mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is far healthier than saturated fats from meats and butter.
The majority of the argan oil production and trade is owned and operated by the Berber women (natives), who have been relying on pure argan oil from Morocco from local trees to keep their skin healthy and youthful for centuries.
It is also a major source of work and income for these people and makes up a big part of the economy in Morocco.





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