Factors that Affect the Smell of Argan Oil

Naturally scented Argan oil has been cold pressed and passed through a single mechanical filtration process. The smell is “organic” but not too strong. It is similar to Olive Oil but with a light citrus fruit fragrance. Some people describe the natural Argan Oil smell as pungent! However, we have never had an Argan Oil with such a strong smell. This grade of Argan is the closest in smell and texture to a traditional, hand-pressed Oil.

Traditional hand pressed Argan Oil had a greater water content as well as more Argan Nut kernel fiber residue. This lead to a shorter life and higher bacterial content. Argan Oil that is produced by cold pressed is “richer” and creamier in texture, has a longer shelf life and less Argan Nut smell.

How Storage of Argan Oil Affects the Smell

As we discussed in our previous article Argan Oil has very high vitamin E levels. Vitamin E is a powerful, natural anti-oxidant. This means that pure Argan Oil should be in great condition up to 12 – 18 months. Exposure to strong, direct sunlight or exposure to air will speed up this process. This will adversely affect the natural smell. If Argan Oil is stored under 10 degrees a white, gel-like precipitate will form. The is a good sign as it is due to high levels of Fatty acids that thicken in the cold. The oil simply needs to be warmed to dissolve the precipitate. Although this does not adversely affect the quality of the oil it can result in a changed smell that is more fruity – like Olive oil.

The Effect of Climate on the Smell of Argan Oil.

Variations in soil, heat, humidity and water supply vary from year to year. These variations in climate affect the final taste, smell and chemical make up of Argan Oil.

Why do Different Pure Argan Oils Smell Different?

The smell of Argan Oil is affected by a number of factors. On this page, we informed what the scent of Argan Oil is like, how to tell genuine Argan Oil by its smell and how to detect if your Argan Oil is old and gone bad.

Culinary Argan Oil smells completely different due to the toasting of the Argan Nut kernels to produce a rich, nutty aroma. Culinary Argan for eating has a strong roasted nutty smell and is not suitable for cosmetic use. Pure cosmetic Argan Oil can have a range of scents from a light citrus/Olive-like fragrance to no detectable smell.

But remember – just because one Argan Oil smells different to another does not mean that it is not pure Argan Oil!


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