Argan Oil For A Makeup Base

Many women use a primer to bridge the gap between their skincare and makeup, therefore it’s always the first step in the daily beauty routine. It acts as a middle layer, between your naked skin & makeup, it locks in underlying moisture and the natural nutrients, this is why it is an essential task of protection for all skin types. Therefor it is incredibly important to pick a high quality, non-irritable product.

Although cream bases have traditionally been favoured to create a smooth barrier and canvas between skin and make-up, good quality oils are now used by many celebrity make up artists to both keep skin glowing and to create a smooth and healthy foundation look.

Pure argan oil is the most luxurious natural oil that can be utilised in this way. For stunning skin depth and beauty,
there are two ways to use argan oil in your make up routine:

1. On a freshly cleaned face, put a drop or two – for drier skin, use two drops but for oilier or combination skin, just use one – in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm up the oil. Gently cover your face with the small amount of oil on your hands – it will go a lot further than you think! Oils don’t sit on the surface of the skin – instead they sink deeply into the superficial layers, providing intense hydration instantly and for several hours. Apply your foundation immediately, so that it blends with the oil, creating a well-hydrated, glowing complexion covering fine lines, blemishes and sun spots.

2. The best way to apply oil and foundation together is through mixing the two together using a beauty blender, or a small pot and a clean make up brush. Add a drop or two of pure, natural oil to the foundation then blend and apply with a soft brush. Apply to your skin, as you would usually do with your foundation, and you’ll notice the smoothness of the application, and the dewy, supple, natural look that results.

Our unique combination of 100% pure argan oil, offers the daily luxury and nourishment that your skin needs, it will absorb & glow within minutes.



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